Bredene, camping seaside resort

Bredene Bredene Bredene

Bredene primarily stands for camping tourism, nudism and a nice weekend break. Ever since the opening of the nudist beach, Bredene is the spa-town for recreation in nature in its purest form. Besides that, Bredene is the only coastal town without a crowded boulevard. The excellent mix of beach and dunes however makes up for that. No parading down the boulevard, but chatting on the terraces in the pleasant Kapelstraat or enjoying one of the event in the park ‘t Paelsteenveld.


Bredene is a town in the province of West-Flanders in Belgium and is the best region for camping tourism. In or near this spa-town is a total of 30 camping sites, many family-friendly holiday resorts and wonderful guest houses. All guest rooms are checked regularly and reviewed and classified by comfort.



The beaches are child-friendly, flat and remain nearly untouched. In the area around Bredene, coast, beach and dunes are in complete harmony. The approximately four kilometre long row of dunes is the natural protection for the hinterland, which is below sea level. This spa-town is known for its many play-, hiking- and sportsfacilities and as the prime destination for people who love nature.

However, there are more unique characteristics to Bredene. It has the first and only nudist beach of the Belgian coast. Ever since the opening of this fenced beach, it has been the place to be for nudists. During the summer months, in the phenomenal dune landscape you can enjoy the sea breeze and sun nude. Nudists gather at the part of the beach next to beach post 6. Its location in front of a protected area of dune landscape makes sure you have absolute privacy.


Bredene is also an excellent location for people who love shopping. A shopping centre at the Brugsesteenweg offers you a wide range of fashion, shoes, nourishment, electrics and entertainment. The town centre of Bredene is located almost two kilometres from the shore. Close to the sea is the tourist part of town, Bredene-Bad. In the southern part of the municipality, between the Oostende basin and the Brugge-Oostende canal, lies a third town, Sas-Slijkens. Officially these three parts are separate towns, but their buildings nearly form one urban centre, which also connects to the harbour and the Vuurtorenwijk in Oostende. Along the shoreline in the eastern part of the municipality, the Vosseslag quarter connects De Haan to the Bredene area. The area between this quarter and Bredene-Bad is scattered with camping sites.


No interference with nature, such as in Bredene, results in one of the most beautiful groups of dunes of the Belgian coastline! These majestic dunes, that still work as a natural protection against the sea, are sometimes up to 350 metres wide. Bredene is the place to be for people who love nature: this spa-town does not have a dyke to protect it from the sea, and therefore the dunes merge directly into the fine sand beach without any interruption.

To conlude, towns like Oostende and Brugge are really close by, therefore Bredene is the perfect destination for a visit to the Belgian coastal towns and harbours.