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A charming museum that brings local history and culture to life. Housed in a beautifully restored farmhouse from 1737, this museum offers a unique glimpse into life in Bredene through the centuries.

What to Expect at Museum Turkeyenhof?

Discover Local History and Culture

Museum Turkeyenhof is the perfect destination for history enthusiasts and anyone interested in the local culture of Bredene. The museum offers fascinating insights into the past and is an enriching experience for young and old alike.

Furthermore Turkeyenhof is near the following sights: Surf club Twins (±800 m), Water Tower Bredene (±1,2 km), Surfclub Inside (±1,3 km), Hangtime (±1,5 km) & Fort Napoleon (±1,8 km).

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Heemkundig museum
Zegelaan 42, Bredene
tel. +32 593 308 30 
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